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Home and School Association

The Home and School Association is a community of parents and guardians of students enrolled in Holy Trinity School which depends on the active participation of all of its members.  The association provides financial assistance and structure for special projects, activities, and events which enhance the educational process throughout the school year. Its purpose is to identify, define, organize, implement and finance activities, programs and equipment identified by the school staff, Home and School members or parish needs.

Home and School


President: Sarah Debski

Vice President: Teresa Phelps

Secretary: Emily Rasch

Treasurer:  Mary Antor

Participation Chair: Tammy Mick

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held every other month on the second Monday of each month at 5:30PM in the 4th grade classroom. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. The 2019-2020 meeting dates are: September 9, November 11,

January 13, March 10,  and May 12.



Job description: Going online to mycokerewards.com and simply entering the school codes and passwords from the pop tops to the website. These points are used by Holy Trinity to purchase sporting equipment, toys, games, etc. for the school.


How many people are needed for this job? Everybody can do this!


Time commitment: These points can be added at your convenience throughout the year. Time will vary based on number of caps and volunteers.

Coke Rewards



Job description: The day of the sale you meet with the magazine representative to discuss how to give out prizes to the students that sell magazines. (This must be done during the school day).


How many people are needed for this job? 1


Time commitment: The magazine sale is in October and would require one meeting with the magazine representative and one day to hand out prizes to the students.

Magazine Sale Coordinator



Job description: Office will supply a list of student’s birthdays by month. Birthday coordinator will assemble bags for student’s birthdays, attach names and drop off to school  to give to the students on their birthdays. *** Budget for birthday items is $150. Receipts need to be submitted to the Home and School treasurer.


How many people are needed for this job? 1


Time commitment: A few hours is needed at your discretion.  Estimate of 150 bags needed throughout the year. This job can be done over the summer or on a monthly basis.




Job description: There are 3 feast days to recognize 3 different saints.  Each student will receive a prayer card or information about the saint and a treat of some sort. Saints will be chosen by Mrs. Rand and/or Father Tom.*** Budget for all 3 saint days is $150. Receipts need to be submitted to the Home and School treasurer.


How many people are needed for this job? 1


Time commitment: A few hours prep for each feast day possibly printing prayer cards and attaching candy to the card.

Saint Feast Days



Job description: Chair people purchase supplies for the feast (guidelines/shopping guide will be provided for you). Additional volunteers for the preparation and the day of the event will be provided for you. Collect $3 per student to purchase meal.


How many people needed for this job? 2


Time commitment:  One day to shop and then helping with the feast/meal on the day of the feast. A sign up is sent home through the school office asking for additional volunteers.

Thanksgiving Feast



Job description: Veteran Holy Trinity families needed to help welcome new families and assist them with questions and information about the school. Any veteran families willing to join the committee please contact Kathy Rand to be paired with a new family.


How many people do we need for this job? Any and all that wants to help welcome new families. Please contact Kathy Rand/Principal if you would like to help.

Mentoring Program



Job description: Responsible for 3 parties: Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Coordinate with the classroom teacher to plan these 3 parties. During Thanksgiving feast, room parents will assist the students with preparations leading up to the meal (peeling apples or potatoes, etc). More information will follow as the date gets closer. For the past several years Holy Trinity has held a successful Auction for Education which is held at West Catholic. Each class contributes gift items to be auctioned off that are made by the students.  These items are usually created during the Catholic Schools Week with the help of the room parents.


How many people needed for this job? 1 or 2


Time Commitment: Varies per grade

Room Parents

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